Anna Owens is the Reservation Manager at Sterling Resorts. They are a property management company that manages around 500 on the Florida Panhandle from Panama City Beach to Destin. Before using TRACK they were using Navis, which wasn’t giving Anna the functionality that she desired for her call center. She wanted a system that could deliver them better contact center reporting and monitoring to improve the productivity of the team.

Improve Agent Numbers

Contact Center Reporting and Monitoring: Calls/Leads Lost Report

To be able to improve your numbers, you first need to be able to track your numbers. TRACK Pulse gives Anna the contact center reporting and monitoring that she needs to be successful. She is able to see numbers based on the the overall company, specific reservations teams or individual agents. By displaying the numbers to the agents they are able to compare themselves to other agents, see what they are doing well or where they need improvement. This creates a great collaborative learning environment.

“TRACK has improved our day-to-day operations by monitoring agent’s numbers. I pull their individual numbers weekly and I post them throughout the call center so everyone knows their conversion numbers, everybody knows their sales, how many outbound calls that they’ve made and converted into a sale. And so not only do I show it to to them (individually) but I show it to the whole call center so everybody can be a team. So it kind of helps everybody have a friendly competitive theme throughout the call center. It’s great, and without TRACK Pulse I wouldn’t have that.”

Help Agents Succeed

Contact Center Reporting and Monitoring: Call Scoring

It is paramount to put agents in situations where they can succeed. With TRACK Pulse, the Sterling team is able to set agents up for success. The software’s call recording and scoring capabilities help agents get rid of bad habits, improve their abilities and put them in situations where they will have the most success. Sterling is also able to route calls to specific agents depending on the call type, or who the contact spoke to previously. Having TRACK helps agents build relationships with travelers, improving customer service.

“It helps me see who is taking too long on a call, who is better at sales, who’s better at doing outbound cold calling, who’s just better at closing the deal on an incoming call. Pulling those kind of numbers from our reservations system, I know what agent to give an outbound call and I know what agent to have just answering incoming calls.”

Another aspect of TRACK’s contact center reporting that helps agents succeed is the real time data that is shown during an incoming call from a previous contact. They can immediately see who the contact is, their past notes and any other profile information. It not only helps the agents succeed but creates a much better experience for the caller as well.

“TRACK is great because it does hold onto [data from] our past guests so when they do call in again, their name pops up and we can then get on a more personal level because that is hard to do on the phone sometimes.”

Real Time Monitoring

Contact Center Reporting and Monitoring: Status Board

With TRACK Pulse, Sterling Resorts can see how their contact center is performing in real time. The status board shows agents and managers the current status of the contact center. It shows how long callers have been waiting, how many calls are in queue and abandonment rate. This helps agents know what is going on and how they can plan out their day.

“I have a huge TV screen up in the call center and I have the status board up there at all times. So [agents] know our abandon rate, they know our conversion rate and they know when our calls are coming in — so it’s good for them to know how to play out their day: when they can take their breaks, when they can run to the bathroom real fast, go get a cup of coffee. The status board is constantly used throughout the day and it’s great that I can do it from anywhere. I can monitor my call center whether I’m in my office, whether I’m in my home office, whether I’m in my car. I use it everywhere I am.”

Overall TRACK has helped Sterling Resorts increase revenue with it’s contact center reporting and monitoring by tracking the overall performance of the contact center and individual agents.

“I feel like TRACK was definitely the best choice for our business. It’s very easy to communicate, it’s easy in training, it’s easy to learn so TRACK is definitely a great choice for our company.”

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