TRACK Tip Tuesday on Tasks vs Work Orders

Tasks and Work Orders can be taken in many different ways, TRACK has two types of work orders:

  • Housekeeping which is specifically around a stay, and can link departure to a clean, to an inspection and it updates the status of the unit from dirty to clean.
  • Maintenance which is independent of a stay, that is traditional maintenance such as fixing a toilet, replacing screens, cleaning carpet, etc.

Within Housekeeping and Maintenance, you can have tasks if it is a multi-step process. These can be configured within pre-made task lists, or tasks can be added individually depending on the work needed.

We then have CRM Tasks, which are not related to a Work Orders but are considered more of a to-do. These could be things like Call Owner A, or Enter Rates for Unit B. These are housed within the CRM of TRACK.

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