TRACK Tip Tuesday on Setting Up PerfectPrice

Track offers a connection and integration with Perfect Price Dynamic Pricing tool. To connect Perfect Price, just follow these quick steps!

  1. Create your Perfect Price Account.
  2. Log into your Track Account.
  3. Review this video instruction below on how to set up a single Unit.

4. Once you have the distribution key, head back to to provide the key.

5. You’ll receive a message that TRACK and Perfect price are connecting, then you’ll receive an email confirmation.

Once you have configured this integration, you are all set! Perfect Price has prepared a video tour of the tool for you to review so head back to This tour covers the basics you need to get started. Perfect Price also has articles on how to edit min/base prices for the first time, and a welcome message for more in-depth look on the product. If you have any issues with your integration, reach out to

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