TRACK Tip Tuesday on Property Unit Customization

TRACK provides unit profile information in one centralized location under the Property Management tab on the left side of the platform. It is a very visual view of how the company is laid out starting with the company then getting more granular by location. The location on TRACK PM is referred to as a node. The nodes are extremely configurable as they can be a state, city, complex, neighborhood, beach community, or more. These nodes are sometimes matched up to tax policies, regardless, you will want to make sure they are matched up to your current operations. 

Making the unit types even more configurable, is the ability to update a node with all properties in that node being updated as well. An example would be adding a photo of your clubhouse on the top node and allowing that photo to appear under each property. Below is an example of setting up unit profiles in TRACK. 

If you would like to see this feature more in depth. Please visit our page here which has video demonstrations associated with each feature. If you would like to talk with an Account Executive please email

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