TRACK Tip Tuesday on Owner Reservation Types

The owner portal is part of the TRACK PMS which sets it apart from other platforms in the industry. TRACK offers owners to create their own reservations with updated reservation types. Previously, TRACK only offered one reservation type that could use an owner contact. To create ease for owners and VRMC, TRACK continues to grow by adding it as an option that can be used as many times as needed. In addition to that, TRACK also has the personal usage options for owners to utilize. Anytime a reservation is set as personal usage, it will count towards the time of the owner.

To make the tracking of this simple for the owner and VRMC, there is a report called Owner Reservations. 

If you are a current TRACK client, please visit our client support resource article here to learn more. If you are not a current TRACK client, we’d love to chat. Please send us an email at

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