TRACK Tip Tuesday on Images on Units

To add images to your units you will need to follow the below steps. We currently support PNG and JPEG file types at a maximum size of 10MB. For Homeaway – At least 6 HD (1920×1080) images are required.

1. Select the unit or node that you would like to add images to. Please note that if you apply images to a node, the images will be inherited by all units within the node. This is a great way to highlight common areas such as pools, restaurants, and other shared amenities.

2. Navigate to the images tab within the selected unit/node. To start uploading the images, you have the following options:

3. Upload Image – Upload a singular image

4. will allow a user to drag and drop images into the unit profile

5. Drag and Drop – This will allow a user to drag and drop images into the unit profile

6. Navigate back to the Images tab of the unit

7. Enter a description of the image in the “Description” field just below the image

8. If multiple images are entered, you may drag and drop images in the order you’d like them to appear.

9. When description copy and rankings have been updated for all images, click on the “Save Unit” button to save your work.

10. Once you’ve completed your edits and saved/updated your work, you may use the drop-down box at the top of the page to select the next Unit Profile to update, and repeat the steps until all units images have been uploaded and saved.

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