TRACK Tip Tuesday on Customizable Rates

Having customized rates is important to VRMC according to Matt Landau’s VRMB Feature Co-Importance Matrices. TRACK allows you to determine reservation charges by item. You can configure if it’s a flat fee, percentage, who it’s charged to, how it’s displayed, is it rolled into one or itemized by line, how often is the guest charged, is it taxable, and more. TRACK provides the copy function eliminating manual entry for multiple fees.

Below is an example of Unit Fee Pricing. You can choose the fee, the reservation type, and the unit type. This is configurable and able to be copied to each unit or changed per unit. You will not be setting up fees often but the way TRACK is set up allows you to do it quickly and on the fly.

If you would like to see this feature more in depth. Please visit our page here which has video demonstrations associated with each feature. If you would like to talk with an Account Executive please email

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