TRACK Powered by TravelNet Solutions and PriceLabs Share a Partnership To Cater to the Vacation Rental Industry

Property Managers using TRACK can utilize an industry leading dynamic revenue management platform to manage prices and length of stay easily with data-driven insights, smart rules and automation

Cottage Grove, Minnesota – February 20, 2020 —TRACK Hospitality Software powered by TNS, providing integrated solutions for vacation rental property management companies, hotels, and resorts, has announced its partnership with PriceLabs. PriceLabs generates vacation rental prices by analyzing each listing and recommending daily rates based on seasonality, day of week, lead time, local demand and several other factors. 

Property Managers can now use PriceLabs’ powerful revenue management system with TRACK PMS to optimize their rates & minimum length of stay while also reducing a lot of manual operations associated with managing pricing.

“Track and PriceLabs are excellent companies to work with & I am glad to see this partnership grow. We have been entering prices manually for decades & this partnership allows us to focus more on the big picture than changing individual nightly rates and minimums. PL system works as advertised capturing more reservations when demand is low & higher rates when demand is high automatically. The best part of this partnership however is their customer service. The team at PriceLabs is fast and actually fixes the problem. Track has a similar DNA – we have confidence in Track, they listen to help us grown, they show up when we have problems, and they care.” Says Joint Customer – Tyson Horner from SummitCove Vacation Lodging. “We have high expectations and we demand a lot from our partners in return we offer unlimited ideas and opportunities to make the best of class products.

The seamless integration allows TRACK PMS users to import their listings into PriceLabs, view recommended prices almost instantaneously, and sync dynamic prices & length of stay back to TRACK PMS. 

“We are thrilled to provide this partnership to current clients, as well as those who join in the future to offer operational relief on the pricing front. Revenue Management is an obstacle that is not easy for any VRMC to tackle, but is a necessity to stay competitive in the industry.”  Says TNS CEO, Ryan Bailey. 

“This partnership with TRACK is critical to our mission of making VRMC’s life easier through great software & automation, giving them time back to focus on running the VRMC operations. TRACK is building a great software for large VRMC managing multiple listings & our features supporting portfolio-level adjustments, occupancy-based pricing & several other customizations will be very valuable for these VRMC.” Says PriceLabs Co-founder, Anurag Verma 

About TravelNet Solutions

Celebrating its 20th year serving the hospitality industry, TravelNet Solutions, Inc. (TNS) provides integrated software and marketing solutions for the hospitality industry including the TRACK Property Management System, CRM, and Call Center as well as a full suite of digital marketing services. TNS is on a mission to transform how hospitality works and our vision of the future is a world where every hospitality company is able to compete on a level playing field. To learn more about how TNS can help you, please visit

About PriceLabs

“PriceLabs is a powerful revenue management & dynamic pricing platform for vacation and short-term rentals. A data-driven approach, automation rules, and customizations to manage pricing and minimum-stay restrictions help vacation rentals increase revenues and save them hours in the process.

The customization options layer on top of market data help you automate things like cascading minimum stays (e.g., lower min-stay as a date gets closer, reduce min-stay to fill gaps), last minute discounts, orphan gap discount/premiums while still giving you good control over your pricing strategy. Learn more here!”

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