Tracking marketing dollars is just one of the ways TRACK Pulse helped Anna Maria Vacations be more efficient in their reservation bookings.

TRACK recently kicked off a new Webinar Series for Managers and Agents to help businesses get the most out of this enterprise software.  These weekly discussions will center around new product releases, as well as helping managers and agents unlock the power of TRACK’s CRM.


Manager Training Recap

Patrick Power, Director of Operations for Software, defined the main mission for any organization in 2017 as driving direct bookings, and reducing reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs).  As fees for these OTAs continue to increase, TRACK Pulse gives you an engine to drive more direct bookings, helping to avoid these costs and increase revenue.

New product releases discussed in the initial Manager Webinar included:

Outbound Call RecordingDesigned to “plug the gap” when it comes to resolving disputes or coaching and training your new agents in outbound calling.

Live ListenInstead of teaching and training passively post-call, support your agents while their on calls, and communicate with them directly through Internal Notes.

Upcoming Releases:

SisenceIntegrating with Sisense allows us to deliver the unique reporting each of our customers requires to run their day-to-day business.

Custom TimestampsWith the growing complexity of Call Center operations, make sure your team is able to perform designated operations at specific times.

Custom Dates Will allow you to make a custom exception or enhancement to a date range; especially helpful for holiday periods.


Agent Training Recap

How to best make effective use of your time in a Call Center?  The initial TRACK Pulse Agent Training focused on helping agents get out of calls efficiently and effectively.  Here were some of the top tips discussed during the webinar:

Working Through the Lead Form – Agents should try to work through the lead form during a call as opposed to waiting for disposition time, making sure to mark the call result in the CRM.

Develop Shorthand – The Internal Notes section of the lead form is a great place to take notes during a call, and developing shorthand notations allows you to maximize your time during your call.

Multi-Tab Functionality While Available – Keep multiple Lead Forms up while in “Available” and use CRM functionality to send follow-up emails, unit photos, or additional information. This allows you to keep disposition time short (no longer than 30-45 seconds) before you’re available to give premier service to the next guest.