The Importance of Communication with your Owners

Creating a trusted relationship between your Vacation Rental Management Company and your owners is a critical task. Simple communication channels within your PMS and the owner portal can be the icing on the cake to provide a healthy, working relationship. In this article you will learn how your PMS can provide seamless, automated tasks to communicate with your owners. 

Owner Portal


Giving your owners access to their owner portal is simple. (Follow these steps here if you need to add a new owner). The importance of giving your owner’s access to the owner portal gives them confidence and  transparency on their units, as well as an easy way to communicate with you. 



Owners have access to view and manage their reservations straight from the owner page (this sets TRACK Property Management Software apart in the industry). They are able to see an availability calendar and make personal or guest reservations on their behalf. 


Allowing your owners to do this gives your VRMC the advantage to have triggers and automations to create tasks around owner reservations. An example could be an automation is set to create an additional task 24 hours prior to an owner check in for a thorough inspection of the unit they are staying in for cleanliness and maintenance. 

Owner Statements


Owner statements are an important form of communication between your VRMC and your owners. Accuracy and timeliness is very important so creating flawless and efficient operational procedures around owner statements is a must. 



Automation of owner statements allows your VRMC to approve the statements then deliver in a timely manner automatically to the inbox of the owner. One communication advantage that TRACK offers allows a trigger to be deployed to the owner communicating via text or email a notification that the owner statement has been posted. 

Secure Messaging System


Creating mass or individual emails to your owners can save time and create ease of response for your owners. The owner is allowed to respond via the email thread or the inbox of the owner portal. When an owner receives a communication, they have the option to opt in to receive a text message notification of the message.  

1 on 1 SMS Communications


These communications can be initiated by the owner and sent to a department, team member, or specific to a role. The groups that owners are allowed to route their messages to are determined by you, the VRMC. 

These messages can be set as private or public. If a message is deemed private when sent by the VRMC, the owner does not have the option to reply. 

Mass SMS Communications


VRMC’s can create mass communications that are filtered down to determine the group of recipients. These can be based on units, nodes, departments, and more. If an owner replies to this message, it will start an individual thread to the VRMC and it will be private, removing the rest of the recipients. 

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