The Benefits of Notes Categories and Your VRMC Operations

As a vacation rental management company you strive to provide your guests with the special requests and services they need. Adding notes to folio’s and reservations is an important factor to make sure the special requests are fulfilled to provide exceptional guest experiences. Having a Property Management Software (PMS) that allows all special requests to be sorted, deployed, and communicated through categories to departments and appropriate contacts will help with operational efficiency and automate more tasks. In this article we will talk about special requests, categories, and how your PMS can create ease throughout your front desk, finance, housekeeping, and maintenance departments.

What is a Note


When creating a reservation for a guest attaching a note can be an internal request or a special request made by the guest. These notes will show up on the reservation as well as on the folio information.



Benefits of notes could include but not limited to early check in, additional bedding, allergies to pet dander, payment information, or any communication that is needed to be noted for the guest or reservation.

What is a Note Category


Categories are determined by your vacation rental management company based on your operational structure. This is the category you select to be associated with your note. A best practice is to set up your categories by departments.

A category can have an action associated with it to notify the entire department or the specific contact of what needs to be fulfilled on the request. An example of this would be a guest requesting an additional sleeping cot for their stay. When this reservation is created, it can create an automated task for housekeeping to place an additional cot in the unit prior to check in.



Note Reporting to Create Operational Ease


Finding a PMS that implements reporting around notes will help streamline your operational tasks and create better accuracy around tasks with little to none falling through the cracks. As a best practice, implement department specific standard operating procedures regarding the note’s report daily.

An example would be the front desk prints the notes report with their category filtered each morning. This is creating a physical list to ensure completion and accountability of each special request for the day.

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