28 12, 2016

Specialize, Specialize – Division of Labor in your Call Center

2016-12-28T15:25:49+00:00Reservation Sales, TRACK | PULSE|

Getting the most out of your Call Center is important as it directly affects your bottom line.  Is your Outbound Marketing strategy working as effectively as possible? Do you have your closers in the best possible position to secure a booking? Are your leads being qualified appropriately?  Let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation. You’re managing a call center with 10 agents.  Two of these individuals are great at closing bookings during the initial call, converting on over 60% of their inbound lead opportunities. Two these individuals are great at following up with travelers, qualifying your leads as well [...]

22 12, 2016

Call Monitoring/Live Listen Released

2016-12-22T16:38:20+00:00Call Center, TRACK | PULSE|

Live Listen is an exciting new feature from TRACK Pulse that allows you to gain valuable insight into the needs of your customer and the performance of your agents.  Utilize this feature to monitor call quality and best practices, to help an agent out of a difficult situation or to improve the overall experience of the guest, and to train your team more effectively. Monitoring Quality/Best Practices Live Listen allows you to easily monitor agent performance and ensure that quality standards are being met.  You’ll be able to decide whether you’d like the agent to know your listening (Announce on [...]

17 10, 2016

Smarter Email Marketing Using Traveler Data

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Using key data in email marketing efforts to prospective guests prior to, during, and after their stay is a great way to increase direct bookings and garner repeat guests. By capturing prospect and guest data from inbound calls and emails, integrating that data into incoming and outgoing emails drives greater results and improves customer satisfaction. Plus you can improve brand awareness and start creating multiple touch points with the traveler. Staff will also save countless hours each week by eliminating the need to send payment receipts, booking confirmation, pre-arrival information, and guest survey invitations using a targeted email automation approach. When you [...]

29 09, 2016

HomeAway Software Partnership Announced and Celebrated

2016-09-29T14:41:10+00:00HomeAway, News|

A partnership between ResortsandLodges/TRACK and HomeAway Software was announced during last week’s RezFest conference at SeaWorld - Orlando, Florida with a private hospitality event. Over 40 attendees from the conference attended the event. Ryan Bailey, CEO of ResortsandLodges/TRACK, and John Suzuki, VP of Sales with HomeAway, toasted to the newly formed partnership. John Suzuki explained briefly to HomeAway customers the benefits the integration between TRACK Pulse and HomeAway's Property Management Systems (PMS) would bring to rental properties globally. Matt Renner, VP of Sales with ResortsandLodges/TRACK, quickly demonstrated the benefits of TRACK Pulse and the integration between the two platforms. TRACK Pulse [...]