Tracking of marketing dollars for Anna Maria Vacations was becoming more difficult and they needed an efficient way to drive more bookings. Specializing in luxury Gulf beachfront homes, condos, and bay waterfront homes, Anna Maria Vacations is a successful rental company on the western coast of Florida.

Tracking Marketing Dollars and Conversions

Agents had a problem working outside of the office with the exception of corresponding through email. They had difficulty working remotely, being as efficient, and serviceable to their customers. Plus, Anna Maria Vacations was spending a majority of their marketing budget on print ads.  Although Rthese ads were reaching a decent amount of people, tracking conversions within the target demographic proved to be an issue. Thanks to campaign performance and call volume tools, the concern over where the money is going has vanished.

Using Technology

By implementing TRACK Pulse’s user friendly, cloud based call center, CRM solution, Agents at Anna Maria Vacations can work smarter through identifying times of day where call volume is at its highest. It turned out, the early morning (between 8-9 am specifically) was the busiest time for incoming calls. Thanks to TRACK Pulse, Anna Maria Vacation is now properly staffed with Agents during these peak call times. After only two months Anna Maria Vacations collected over 750 leads and made nearly $118,000 in outbound sales.

By identifying the busiest call times, allowing Agents to work from remote locations, and tracking marketing dollars, Anna Maria Vacations have increased productivity, generated more income and become more efficient. By running a more streamlined call center with TRACK Pulse, Anna Maria Vacations has been able to save marketing dollars they were originally spending without knowing their ROI. Anna Maria Vacations continues to see success in their call center thanks to TRACK Pulse.

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