Smart Home Technology Value By Lynx

It is near impossible to go a day without seeing marketing efforts for smart home technology. Research shows from Millennials, to Gen Xers, down to Baby Boomers they are all likely to implement and/or use smart home technology in their homes. So if people are using it in their primary homes, why are more vacation rental management companies not doing so? 

Smart home automation significantly adds value to the operations for property managers, homeowners, and enhances guest experience at an affordable rate. Lynx shares how smart home technology can benefit your Vacation Rental Management Company. 

Increase Occupancy

Guests are more likely to stay at a home with modern features that create ease during their stay. Majority of guests are there for a vacation, meaning that relaxing is their top priority, so the less labor it takes them to check in and enjoy their stay, the better. Home automation can make this happen. Providing early check-in/out and automated communication with powerful templates and gap day automation helps to generate 11% higher direct nights booked during high season for Lynx clients. 

Utilizing smart home devices in your homes can boost the value of your rental property as well as provide property safety and security. All of these features make your property more appealing to your guests.

Upgrade Your Security

There are four primary smart home devices that can help your VRMC with security and safety, smart locks, smart doorbells, smoke alarms, and a water sensor. Let’s take a moment to discuss how each device can simplify and automate your properties security. 

Smart locks. Smart locks have a wide array of benefits for property managers as well as for the guest. Allow guests to bypass the front desk by granting them access to a code for an electronic lock. This will speed up their check in process and cut back on front desk staffing. A valuable benefit for the guest is this creates a 24/7 service. Using smart locks will also reduce the risk of a guest or employee losing the physical key or making extra copies. The worry and hassle of compromised keys is over. You will be able to get an audit trail of who accessed the property and when. Lynx allows you to filter and download notifications so you can provide it to your owners or authorities. 

Noise. As a property manager it is important to know what is going on in the house when you aren’t there, and sometimes noise will be the factor that alerts you of unwanted activity. Having one dashboard for all smart devices makes operations more user-friendly, to help with this, Lynx partners with NoiseAware. Having a smart device to detect noise can prevent and protect what you can’t predict such as parties, false complaints, fines, and your reputation. 

Smoke Alarms. Following laws and regulations is important. You will need to have smoke detectors and alarms in place to pass inspections, so why not make them smart? 

Water Sensors. Basement floods, toilet overflows, hurricane disasters, water is inevitable and can create expensive damages. Utilizing water sensors can allow you to be alerted and monitor locations remotely. Having a water sensor can save you money and also save water!

Start with Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are one of the simplest smart technologies you can implement into your vacation rental homes that provide value to the guest and the property manager. Just replace your regular bulbs with smart bulbs to create a more appealing atmosphere for your guests. A few value points by adding smart bulbs in your homes include: 

  • As a property manager, welcome guests by having the lights turned on from your phone and at a comfortable temperature with Lynx’s Check-In Scene.
  • Allow guests to fine-tune the lighting to fit their preferences. 
  • Convenience of controlling lights with voice. 

You can also reduce costs! Yes, you heard correct. Having smart bulbs is actually smart for the bank account. You can set up vacant scenes in Lynx to turn-off lights and thermostats when guests leave. You can also turn off the thermostat if the window or door is left open. 

Get a Smart Speaker

Did you know that one in six American already own a smart speaker of some kind? It could be Alexa, Amazon Echo, or an Apple HomePod. Why bring a guest into a home that downgrades the technology from their normal home? Smart speakers give guests a wide range of options such as checking the weather, operating the window shades, or playing music. This could be the edge your competition doesn’t offer to set you apart. 

About Lynx

Lynx is an enterprise software powering properties in 200 cities and 5 countries. Their manufacturer-agnostic automation software integrates with a variety of Smart Locks from Yale, Schlage, Dorma Kaba, Remotelock etc. and over 300 home automation devices (lighting control, thermostats, pool sensors, Alexa, etc.). The platform automatically syncs reservation information from Property Management Systems (PMS), and online booking platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway to deliver time-sensitive PIN codes for guests and staff, temperature and noise management, monetize services like an early check-in or late check-out, and collect emails of all the guests in the group to increase remarketing conversions.

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