5 Ways Your Short-Term Rental Property Management Company can use Text Messaging

We are living in a time where efficient but contactless communication is extremely important with your guests. As a short-term rental property management company you will want to reach all travelers and guests pre, post, and during stay by methods of communication that are best for their lifestyle. According to Hubspot, American’s spend about five hours a day on their cell phone. So why not as a property management company focus on providing an efficient communication channel through secure text messaging. In this article we will go over 5 ways your Vacation Rental Management Company can use text messaging for guest services. 

Abandoned Travelers


All property management companies have them, the traveler who goes through the entire reservation process but does not fulfill on entering their payment information to hit book. This is a challenge that can be addressed with personalized follow up communications. Your website and CRM, also known as client relationship manager, can capture the guest data that was entered into the reservation form fields and remarket to them. Yes, this includes text messaging! 

Industry average states that 81% of travel lookers do not become bookers. Text messaging might be the answer to decrease that percentage to drive more bookings. Living in a world that is extremely fast paced, distractions could be a large reason that 81% of interest does not convert. After a traveler enters their data, clicks on an email, visits a web page, follow up with a text message to re-engage them. 

Guest Reminders


After a guest has booked it is important to stay front of mind with the guest so the guest continues to feel excitement and does not have a change in heart about their booking. Communicating over text message allows short-term rental property management companies to be concise and to the point in a more casual conversation setting. Here is a list of examples you can send to your guests: 

  1. Reservation Confirmation after they book
  2. Payment reminder/thank you 
  3. What to bring checklist
  4. Events and Activities in the local area 
  5. Key code for their door entry

These examples are easy to have queued up in your Property Management Software. If you use TRACK Property Management Software, you can utilize triggers and automations to seamlessly send guest text messages when a guest completes a designated action. 

Let’s go more in depth with example number one from above. As soon as a guest hits confirm through your vacation rental booking engine, your property management system can use that information to send them a thank you email for their reservation as shown below. 

“Hi [First Name], this is [Reservation Agent] at [Company Name], thank you for your recent reservation. We are looking forward to having you stay from [enter date range] with us. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a text back or call us at (xxx)xxx-xxxx. See you soon.” 

Now that you have the looker, turned into the booker, and they are going to stay with you. Let’s see how your vacation rental management company can use texts during stay. 

Mid-Stay Survey


There is no better way to know how a guest is doing during their stay than to ask them. Your guests in your vacation rentals will be busy exploring the area, enjoying the amenities, and more. With that being said, calling a guests house phone or even their cell phone will leave your vacation rental management company little to no luck with getting a timely response. Providing a mid-stay survey via text message is a simple way to gauge how your guest is feeling and if there is anything you can do to make their stay better. 

This guest text message can be as simple as a 1-5 rating, a yes or no, or emojis. You can utilize happy and sad faces or the thumbs up vs thumbs down emoji. This creates an engaging and fun way to understand what your guest is thinking. If they reply unpleased, you can be proactive and reach out to improve their stay.

Promotions Sent Via Guest Text Messaging


From a marketing perspective, adding promotions to your strategy might be necessary to maximise occupancy rates. Sending out text messages to engage new and existing guests could be the answer to filling your last minute bookings. If you have a home that is vacant from Thursday through Sunday, sending out a text message on Tuesday afternoon offering a discount to book would likely entice one viewer to book the unit. You can utilize your CRM to personalize these messages, too. Other options for promotions include: 

  1. Anniversary or Birthday Promotional Texts
  2. Repeat Guest Promotional Texts
  3. Community Hero’s Promotional Texts

Want to learn more about promotions for your vacation rental guests? Learn from industry experts such as Doug Kennedy, Perfect Price, WhimStay, and more in this educational guide, 20 Promotional Offers to Increase Your Occupancy Rates

Guest Check-Out Instructions


Lastly, you can reach in house guests in a timely manner right before their designated check out time. This allows you to leave instructions regarding housekeeping, traffic and weather updates, as well as how to lock the unit.

Guest Text messaging Platform in TRACK CRM

This proactive approach can help save your operations time and resource by proactively placing dirty linens and bedding in the right places, taking trash out, cleaning up dishes, and more. While you are saving time for your team, save time for the guest as well by providing them with detailed instructions if they can check out remotely or need to visit the office on the way out.

If you’d like to learn how TRACK’s CRM and PMS can help your vacation rental with guest experience through text messaging, schedule your demo here!

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