September 24 | Product Release & Enhancements

New Feature  |  Virtual Cards
Track now supports virtual cards. Virtual cards are used by OTAs to pay for reservations when they are merchant of record. They will issue a card that is able to be used for a single reservation. It will be limited by an amount and an effective date. Any attempts to charge prior to effective date or above the limit will result in a card rejection. In track if Virtual is selected when adding a card to a reservation a date and amount can be set. If the card is attempted to be used outside of either of those there will be a warning message.
If a virtual card is used on a booking through the channel API the reservation will be changed to a credit card deposit so the reservation can be confirmed without charging the credit card. In Track the effective date and limit are optional values. In the API the effectiveDate is required and the amount is optional.

Enhancement  |  Unit Name on Notes Report
Feedback from release of note categories was to add the unit name to the notes report. This will allow the viewer of the report to quickly know what unit the note pertains to without having to look up the reservation.

New Feature  |  Tax On Markup
Track now supports tax on markup on vendor bills. To utilize a Track user should create a new tax policy for each tax district that reflects only the sales taxes and not the transient taxes. These new policies can be applied to the relevant tax districts under a new selection called “sales tax policy”. Additionally in the tax district it can be specified if the tax on markup will be applied by default or not to vendor bills. Within a vendor bill there is a new column for applying tax. If selected the sales tax policy of the tax district related to the unit being billed will be applied to the amount of mark up being added to that line item. In the owner statement only the total value is shown to the owner, not a breakdown of tax and charge.

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