In last month’s blog for Track Hospitality Software, I addressed four primary closing techniques.  Of course despite our best efforts, callers will sometimes resist our first attempt to secure the sale.  Although this happens at all types of hotels, it seems to be even more likely to happen at resorts and other lodging companies that cater to the vacation market. I believe this is because leisure guests are the most emotionally invested in their planning process, and also because they tend to book for multiple parties, larger accommodations, and possibly more than one decision maker.

With TRACK Pulse, you can easily send a follow-up email after the call and put that contact in the lead stream for a follow-up phone call or subsequent email. Yet before you do all that, let’s first still try to secure the sale before we let them off the phone call!

When callers resist your first (primary) attempt to secure a sale, like we covered last month, your response will vary according to how they declined.

Some callers simply decline the offer without saying why. They just say “Okay I’ll call back, thanks!”  In this case use re-engagement questions to continue the conversation. A good transition into any re-engagement question is always “That’s fine, but before I let you go…”

  • “…is there something you’re looking for that I’ve not mentioned?” OR
  • “…does that option sound like it would meet your needs?” OR
  • “…is that rate within your travel budget?”

Other callers indicate that they are going to continue shopping around for the best deal, or that they are going to look at rates online.  In this case be sure to reassure them the rates and accommodations you are quoting are best options.

  • “Just to let you know, we always offer the best available rates here in reservations, and I can enter your room directly into the hotel reservations system right now while it is still open.”

Finally, some callers say what is possibly the oldest excuse in the world for not being ready to book right now: “I have to check with my wife…” or “I have to check with my husband…”  In these situations be sure to:

  • Create urgency — “Availability is limited; rates can sell out.”
  • Remove barriers — “I can lock it in now; you can always call back to cancel if plans fall through.”
  • Offer one more time — “With that in mind, are you sure you don’t want to lock it in now?”

You’ll be surprised at how often these travelers decide that they’re ready to make their booking decision on the spot, leading to more direct sales and wins for your team!