6 Ways to Communicate Your Safety Measures to Your Guests

Cleaning and sanitizing after guests is no small task when there is not a pandemic at hand. Queue pandemic making sanitation and cleanliness not only important, it is something that must be kept top of mind at all times.  When guest’s minds are not at ease, it is important as a property to openly communicate with guests and employees about the precautions you are taking to keep them safe and healthy. In this article we provide examples of updated websites with cleaning and sanitation checklists, resources to educate yourself and your team, as well as actionable strategies to implement.



1. Conversion Optimization


Conversion Optimization is the pop up box on your website with either a box to capture the website visitors contact information for remarketing or a call to action (CTA) that will lead them to another page. The main two options we see is page entry which is when the site visitor enters the webpage, the pop up automatically appears to begin their website journey with that message. The second is an exit intent pop up. When the site visitor moves their cursor over the exit button in the upper right of the screen, the pop up will show giving you one last chance to gain their attention. Either of these options are great options to advise your potential guest of the measures your property is taking to keep them safe on their next visit. 

Below, you will see an example of how our client Hotel North Woods used conversion optimization when you enter their website. They made it personalized by going in-depth with following the Governor’s orders. The call to action at the end will help the guests opinions and questions feel accepted and valuable. 

This example is another personal feel good message from our clients at Naswa Resort.

Lastly, these clients utilized a corner pop up with a call to action to help drive them to stay. A big amenity guests will look for moving forward will be keyless entry.


2. Social Media


Social media is an amazing tool that is underutilized for many companies. Regarding your cleaning and sanitation checklists, your property can do a Facebook or Instagram live reading reviews from tripadvisor.com, Kayak.com, or your own surveys that spotlight positive feedback on how clean your properties are. 

This is also a great place to post pictures of your cleaning checklist, the requirements of your property management software for a unit to pass cleaning inspection, or images of your properties being spotless. This property, Emerson Inn, created a powerful video and personal message to their guests and posted it on their social media.

3. Blog Posts


Creating a blog post is another free way to educate your future and past guests on the measures your property is taking regarding keeping them and your employees safe and healthy. Put together a holistic plan around cleanliness, safety, and housekeeping which includes items such as: 

  • 5 Point Cleanliness Checklist
  • Cleaning Policy example 
  • Updates to key-less entry
  • What onsite food options are available
  • Routine bedding protocols 
  • Front desk and housekeeping requirements around gloves and masks

These blogs will not only help your guest feel safe, but adding fresh, relevant and new information also will improve your likelihood to be found in Google searches. 

4. Newsletter Update 


If you have a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to past, current, and prospective guests, it would be beneficial to add a section of health, sanitation, and cleanliness updates. With cleanliness being such an important topic, it is likely to get a click to your website where you are able to provide more cleaning policies and resources.   

In this example, the newsletter opens with a positive image and motivational message about the Minnesota snow leaving soon and travel coming back. As you scroll through the property goes into a detailed message to help put the travelers mind at ease knowing the sanitation and cleaning protocols this property has taken to keep everyone safe.

5. Email Blast


An email is not limited to a newsletter. If you have your database set up for drip campaigns or one off email blasts you can easily insert your newly implemented cleaning policy and sanitation checklists into an email campaign. This is an example of what our client 30A Escapes sent to their email database.

This email is not only educational on the property, it also focuses on other important topics that the traveler could be worried about such as beach openings and the date of the next meeting with the Florida Governor. This will help the traveler gain trust that the property is obeying the government regulations making them more confident to book with you. 


6. Website Updates


Now that you have taken the time to create the content, let’s make sure you get it on your website for travelers to see. We wanted to provide you with a wide range of examples that we have helped our clients with. 

Vacation Rentals



30A Escapes has taken many measures to ensure their guests feel safe, as well as keeping their employees safe and healthy. Their website provides their commitment to their guests as well as the launch of their newest program “Clean Escapes”

Starfish Luxury Vacation Rentals has utilized the hello bar from the top of their screen to drive website visitors to their safety and health policies. They have used a creative tagline of “See what can be done to get your toes in the sand sooner”. Their messaging has a positive tone and provides instructions for guests, homeowners, and employees.


Log Country Cove has also utilized the drop down hello bar from the top of their website. They have utilized their call to action to take them to a heartfelt letter from their management and ownership team.



Cascade Vacation Rentals in the North Shore of Minnesota utilize an announcement message on their drop down hello bar. They have updated releases and notes on the page dating back from March through now.




Woodloch Logo

Woodloch has gone above and beyond when it comes to website updates during the outbreak of the Corona Virus. They have followed the guidance of the State of Pennsylvania but have still found ways to gain website traffic. They have hosted games, trivia, uploaded recipes and art projects, and even hosted workout sessions. Woodloch has a page that provides safety precautions taken for guests and employees.




Prince Waikiki has a hello bar that appears on the top with one of their branded colors. It states “temporary closure” and is clickable to more resources including including sanitation procedures, updates on operating hours, their cancellation policy, as well as their contact information for guests.




The Addy Sea has taken a different approach. Their hello bar on the top will lead you to their facebook video library where they have done a weekly video update through out March, April, and now May. This is creative way to keep travelers engaged.




Bakers Narrows Lodge has their information regarding the pandemic on the homepage where it is the first thing you see. It gives 10 reasons why you should book your reservation with them. The hello bar they are using across the top of the screen screams “Flash Deals!” and uncovers savings for those who are willing to travel ASAP.


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