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For years, TRACK Hospitality Software has been trying find a solution to independent properties losing out on millions of reservations because they have fallen behind the latest technology and online booking engines. While trying to find a solution, TRACK has coined this problem a “billion dollar obstacle”. Bringing over 70 years of travel experience to the table, the partners at TRACK continue to try and help properties hurdle this obstacle by developing state of the art software that meets the needs of hospitality operations.

What they’ve found is the buyer’s journey is long and takes place across multiple devices, so it is crucial for a product to be able to record guest information during the first inquiry since roughly 80% of those prospective guests will not book. With this information, TRACK is able to deliver automated communication to guests, based on their behavior. When this is implemented with a systematic approach to capturing leads, businesses are setting themselves up to follow up and convert outbound revenue.

This may sound like a product for major hospitality operations, the software is not limited to major players and notable names in travel. The product has been developed and designed to be beneficial for properties and management companies of all shapes and sizes. TRACK has the ability to help lodging companies big and small overcome the billion dollar obstacle and convert more of these lost leads claim their portion.

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