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227 Unit VRMC

Property Increases Productivity and Outbound Sales

See how Anna Maria Vacations, located in Central West Florida, utilized TRACK Pulse to realized true ROI.

12 Resorts (3,500 Rooms)

Powering Brittain Resorts and Hotels' Call Center

Establishing an effective Call Center at Brittian Resorts and Hotels yielded great benefits to guests and the properties.

A 47-Day Return

Cabin Rental Company Garners New Sales

Over 1,400 additional leads and contacts were collected over the average PMS system, thanks to TRACK Pulse.

193 Unit Lodge

Using a Unique Outbound Strategy

Learn how a Pennsylvania Lodge generated over $63,000 in incremental bookings in just two weeks using TRACK Pulse.

Matthew Brittain on Switching to TRACK Hospitality Software

Matthew Brittain, Brittain Resorts & Hotels (Owner) explains his reasoning behind switching to TRACK Hospitality Software.

Success Stories- Vacation Rental Pros- Steve Milo

Steve Milo, VTrips (Owner) shares how his day-to-day operations have improved by having a single solution.

Bald Head Island - Customer Testimonial

Trisha Howarth, Bald Head Island Limited (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Director) discusses how TRACK Pulse has made her job as a marketer more efficient.

Bailey Kohan, Vacation Specialist, Royal Destinations

Bailey Kohan, Royal Destinations (Vacation Specialist) talks about why she loves working with TRACK Pulse.

Contact Center Manager Speaks on Experience with TRACK Hospitality Software

Amanda Szubert, Brittain Resorts & Hotels (Contact Center Manager) speaks about her own experience as well as her team’s experience with TRACK Hospitality Software.

Severn Lodge TRACK Pulse Testimonial

Gary Don (Assistant General Manager) and Sam Breckbill (General Manager), Severn Lodge share their experiences with TRACK Pulse.

Revenue Increase

See how TRACK has helped our customers increase their revenue and achieve greater sales success.

Integration Process

‘Flawless’, ‘Easy’, and ‘Seamless’ are just a few of the words used to describe the integration process with TRACK. Hear more of what our customers have to say.

Success Stories- Skytop Lodge

Jennifer Bambrick (Reservations Manager) & Tiffany Seaman (Reservations Supervisor), Skytop Lodge explain their experiences with TRACK Pulse.

Success Stories- Southern Vacation Rentals-McKenzie Solomon

McKenzie Solomon, Southern Vacations (Director of Guest Services) shares how TRACK fits their unique business needs.

Success Stories- Southern Vacation Rentals- Chad Blankenship

Chad Blankenship, Southern Vacations (Eastern Region GM) explains the benefits of having an all-in-one guest communication system.

Success Stories- Southern Vacation Rentals- Kim Combs

Kim Combs, Southern Vacations (Reservation Agent/Vacation Planner) explains how her sales numbers have increased since switching to TRACK.

Success Stories- Southern Vacation Rentals- Patricia Hardiman

Patricia Hardiman, Southern Vacations (Chief Marketing & Sales Officer) shares how having one solution for over 1,000 vacation rentals improves their day-to-day operations.

Success Stories- Southern Vacation Rentals- Joe Casal

Joe Casal, Southern Vacations (Reservations Sales Manager) shares his experiences with TRACK and ease of training new agents with the system.

Success Stories- Bluewater

Nikki LaRocca, Bluewater Vacation Rentals (Reservations Manager) shares the experiences she and her staff have had while using TRACK Pulse.

Success Stories- Vacation Rental Pros- Betsy Lopez

Betsy Lopez, VTrips (Assistant Sales Manager) discusses how TRACK Pulse aids in her sales process.

Adam Sushoreba

Adam Sushoreba, Lutsen Resort (Rooms Manager) talks about why TRACK Pulse is the best choice for resort properties.

Randy Voeks
Randy Voeks, Lutsen Resort (Guest Relations Coach) discusses how TRACK Pulse allows properties to engage with travelers on a personal level.
Success Stories: Anna Maria Vacations

Mia Popja (Marketing Director) and Jackie Rodgers (Reservations Manager), Anna Maria Vacations discuss how TRACK Pulse has given them the power to better manage their leads, particularly during their off-season.

Travel Resort Services, Inc

James Foster, Travel Resort Services, Inc. (Broker Associate) describes how’s Distribution, Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions have improved their business.

TRACK Pulse Success Story: Bavarian Inn
Bavarian Inn on TRACK Customer Service

Kim Whalen, Bavarian Inn Lodge (Reservations Manager) talks about the relationship he’s developed with TRACK customer service.

Atlantic Vacations

Jonathan Fonvielle, Atlantic Vacation Homes (Reservation Sales Supervisor) Explains how the customization of TRACK Pulse has helped their agents.

L&F Bethany Rough Draft w Slides

Emme King, Long & Foster Bethany Beach (Realtor/Manager) explains how TRACK helps the company make key business decisions.

Brian Moffatt, Owner, Royal Destinations

Brian Moffet, Royal Destinations (Owner) talks about why TRACK Pulse is the best choice for his business.