Release Notes | September 3, 2020

New Feature: Folio / Reservation Note Categories
Notes on folios and reservations can now be categorized and reports generated based on those categories. The categories are Track created to be able to be uniform and used in more reporting in the future.


New Feature: Multiple Travel Insurance Policies
Track now allows multiple travel insurance policies. Each unit can be assigned a travel insurance policy that can be offered to the guest through the node, unit type or unit profile > reservation tab. The insurance policy can be inherited.


New Feature: Business Tax (GRT) – Alpha Stage
Track can now support a business tax and collect funds from owners to pay the business tax. Funds can be collected from the owner based on gross or net rent. We also support collecting funds on other shared revenue, also based gross or net to owner. This is behind a feature flag. If you’d like to try it, let our team know.


Enhancement: Audit Call Button
At the top of the call log details page we now have a call audit button. This will only be available if the call has not already been audited. The call log detail page is now linked to from the call scoring page. The reason for adding the button is if in the course of scoring a call, the conversation result is determined to be incorrect, the call auditing can be done quickly from that location.

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