Release Notes | September 12th, 2019



  • Added a new automation condition that detects a number of days that a unit has been vacant for. Property managers can create automations for inspection work orders, emails, etc to allow for a review of a property before a guest or owner arrives after a long vacancy.
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  • Added the ability to search for a travel agent company in addition to a vendor company in Vendor bills
  • Added event based bi-directional intervals for scheduling work orders through automation. An interval determines the scheduled date for a work order created through automation. Previously this was only able to be the same day or days after creation of the work order. With this enhancement the interval can be days before, same day or days after creation, reservation check in, or reservation check out.

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  • Added controls within the guest portal configuration to allow for display of or hiding of early check in, late check out, check in time and check out time.
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  • There are two accounting items that are created by the Track system and must be in place for reservations to function properly. The accounting items should not be used outside of how the system is using them and also cannot be edited. The items are Room Charge and Travel Agent. They are now hidden in the accounting items configuration and are no longer available as charge items for reservation or owner transactions.
  • Within cancellation policies, we have simplified the Revenue Account assignment of cancellation fees in non-shared configurations.

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  • We have changed how cancellation charges are accounted for on a folio when being charged as rent (split with owner). Previously the split with the owner was happening on the backend and was not visible to the PM in the folio. We have changed the charge type to room charge so visually it displays the same as rent on the folio.

Bug Fix:

  • Corrected scheduled date format within system email notifications about a new work order. The date format was including a time, only scheduled day is intended to be supported.

  • Corrected an issue where the reservations discounts and promos report was inaccurately displaying rent pre-discount/promo.

  • Corrected issue where payment method gift card was displaying as an option. The gift card feature is not usable at this time as a payment method.

  • Corrected an issue in the block units report where Columns Block Start and Block End were incorrectly sorting by the column Date Blocked.

  • Corrected an issue where the task lists that were set to default on a housekeeping inspection work order were not automatically attaching when an inspection work order was being generated.

  • Corrected an issue with the search function on the Front Desk > Dashboard.

  • Corrected an issue with the date sort on the bank deposit report.

  • Corrected an issue where reservations in Track from Airbnb that were in HOLD status could not be cancelled without unlocking from the channel. Hold status cancellation of Airbnb reservations in Track are necessary for declining booking requests. Cancellation of the hold reservation is transmitted to Airbnb and declines the request to book.


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