Release Notes | October 10th, 2019




  • Added automation to update all future reservations related to a unit that changed ownership. For property management companies that display Net rent in the owners portal this upgrade will instantly update the Net rent from a reservation to reflect the new contract commission amounts related to the new ownership.

  • Improvement in design of Airbnb connection to resolve several pain points in regards to publishing units on AirBnb. Improves reliability of airbnb listing import process and resolves some issues such as photos not updating on listings. To update listings that have images issues, please deactivate the listing and reactivate it in Track as sync: mode match.
    Instructions on changes:

Bug Fix:

  • Corrected an issue where child content that was designated to only display in the guest portal on reservations related to specific nodes was showing in reservations related to all nodes where the parent content was set to display.


Bug Fix:

  • Correct an issue where templates added to Track, when saved, were removing code needed for proper formatting within Outlook email.

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