We have been hard at work improving our product. We have several large updates to announce in the near future, in the meantime, we have made several updates and fixed a few issues with the platform.

New Features

  • Booking fees can be assigned to specific units. This allows more control for which reservations have booking fees automatically posted.
  • We updated the remote client and are now able to provide warnings when voice quality is impacted by internet connection.
  • SMS conversions will now show full chat history with a contact.
  • New reservation payment type to for net commission payments.
  • New Sales Link Connections
    • Oracle Opera
    • RDP

Selected Platform Fixes

  • We fixed several issues with custom fields. Values were not updating correctly in several cases.
  • Added a default lead subject to prevent leads from being created without one.
  • Fixed an issue with the date filter on sales
  • Improved quote validation throughout the PMS
  • Improved E-Sign Reports
  • Fixed an issue with disposition types that were limited to a single channel
  • Fixed an issue where email forwarding was resulting in a loop
  • Removed deleted unit types from tape chart filters
  • Fixed issues with streamline syncing
  • Fixed several issues with CSA travel insurance integration and reporting