Release Notes | November 27th, 2019


Bug Fix:

  • Corrected an issue where airbnb reservations were not updating availability in real time allowing a window for conflicts. 
  • Corrected issues involving Airbnb secure messaging. 
  • Corrected an issue with errors generated from removed documents. 
  • Corrected an issue where smaller screens were not able to view owner profile tab options.
  • Corrected an issue where cleaning reports were not able to be printed.


  • Added a new report, Daily Pricing – Unit, that allows for comparison of units within a rate type or viewing all rates for a single unit in all rate types.  
  • Updated tax documents for the 2019 tax year.
  • Added column totals to the Owner Reservations report. This addition will allow to see company or location totals.
  • Added a notes column to the Reservations – Discounts and Promos report. This addition will allow for explanations to the reason for discount within the report results. 
  • Updated maintenance task list configuration help text.
  • Developed a payment gateway API.
  • Increased the data being passed through vacation rental payment gateway to assist in fighting fraud. 
  • Enhanced sales link synchronization to optimize per account. Sales link synchronization time will be monitored. If the time it takes for a sales link to synchronize is longer than the account sync interval is set for the interval will automatically adjust to a longer time between synchronization. This will prevent issues with synchronization being interrupted by the next sync. Average sync time will be displayed to users in configurations adjacent to the interval drop down. 



  • Updated the Status Board Queue Filter to expand to a larger size, allowing for more queues to be selected.

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