TRACK PM – New Feature – At the unit level, a user can now set a Maximum Booking Period, as well as a Minimum Arrival Booking Window. This will look based upon Arrival of the stay inquiry. This can be applied to any channels with the exception of AirBnB. Due to the limitations of AirBnB you cannot set this per unit, or at the individual day level, they use standardized windows

TRACK PM – Enhancement – Sorting Reservations Types will now be sorting alphabetically when changing reservations within an existing reservation

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Within the TRACK IRM, the application will properly display the error message when a user is entering an Owner’s information. If an owner is attempting to make a reservation, they will need to use the Owner Portal

TRACK PM – Enhancement – The Payment Pop-up on a reservation will default the amount regardless of the status to be the amount due on the reservation according to the payment plan on or before the date posting the payment.

TRACK PM – Enhancement – Modifying a Check in relation to an owner statement is no longer supported. This was causing display and accounting issues when a user would manually add finances to a check that was attached to an owner statement.

TRACK PM – New Feature – Tracking when an owner last logged in is now supported. This is displayed on the Owner User level of an Owner Company within the system. We will be adding a report to simplify seeing all owners in one view in the next 30 days.

TRACK PM – New Feature – The ability to set an estimate on housekeeping work orders is now supported. This will use the inheritance where a user can set how long a work order, by work order type, on a Clean Type, Unit, Unit Type, and Unit Node.

TRACK PM – New Feature – Ability to have Recurring Work Orders based upon desired parameters (Amenities, Unit, Unit Node, and Unit Type). You will be able to have them recur on your desired frequency (Day, Week, Month) and the number of Days, Weeks, or Months between the Work Orders. This will use the components of Templates and Schedules together within a Recurring WO setup.

TRACK PM – New Report – Housekeeping Time Compliance Report. This will work if a user is using the application or portal in real time, marking work orders as started and completed in real time. It will also only work for Work Orders, not Inspections

TRACK PM – New Feature – BETA – This is a single Front Desk Page that will allow you to see all Checking In, Checking Out, and In-house guests within a single screen. This will allow you to check in, check out, and view reservations from this page as well. We are looking for BETA testers on this new feature of TRACK. If you are interested in assisting the enhancement of this screen before it leaves BETA please email requesting the new feature to be turned on.

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The issue of duplication of fees upon changing reservation type is now resolved. This will allow you to also keep the manually added fees that are not specific to reservation type upon change.

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The issue with dependent inspections automatically marking a unit as clean when the main work order is completed is now resolved. If you are using Dependent inspections the status will now go Dirty > In Progress > Inspection > Clean

TRACK PM – Enhancement – Promotional Codes will now sort Alphabetically on the New Reservation Screen, and on an Existing Reservation when changing or adding a promo code

TRACK PM – Enhancement – Added an Active / Inactive filter to the Promo Code configuration page. Be aware that the default view will only show active codes moving forward. To see inactive codes you will select the active filter.
TRACK PM – Update – On owner statements we are limiting descriptions to 60 characters. Descriptions of line items longer than 60 characters risked running over the amount fields within charges and income columns
TRACK CRM – Bug Fix – When viewing an agent there is a link to create their new ‘personal’ queue. This was linking to a page giving the user an error. This has been resolved