– TRACK CRM – Enhancement – Adding a Company Type filter and a Company Tags filter to the list view of the Companies.
– TRACK PM – Enhancement – Updated the Homeaway Validation tool to ensure it is finding the proper fees to validate against. This was made in conjunction to fees for Homeaway and AirBnB have been separated by intent
– TRACK PM – Enhancement – New iteration of the Front Desk Dashboard to show the Current Unit Status, be able to access the Unit Profile Pop-up, as well as resolved an issue with the Departure Date showing the Arrival Date
– TRACK PM – Update – We have updated the Maintenance Default assignee to behave the same way within the application. On all creation of work orders (singular) will start as unassigned, and the assignment pop-up will default to the unit default maintenance worker, and if that is not set, the default maintenance vendor within the configuration area.
– TRACK Pulse – Bug Fix – Resolves an issue while using Warm Transfer (Add Party) to the Agent Dashboard where the call would terminate if utilizing the Max Wait queue timeout
– TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Resolves an issue when quoting multiple properties within one new reservation session not clearing the previous dates of a unit to the new one.
– TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Resolves and issue in Multi-Bill vendor section to resolve the issue where when selecting all bills, then removing certain ones, the amount will now update accordingly.