TRACK PM – New Feature – Within the Owner Preferences you are now allowed to select if you want Holds to display to owners within the owner portal. Additionally if you are showing holds, you can elect to show the revenue or not. The default settings will be to show the holds and show the revenue.

TRACK PM – New Feature – You can now determine what reservation types automatically get invited to the Guest App. This can be modified on a reservation type by reservation type level. If you are not going to send to all reservation types, make sure that you disable the setting on the Guest App Invite settings

TRACK PM – New Feature – Within the Guest App you can elect to hide the reservation break down per reservation type. You can do this to hide the breakdown from OTA reservations that may charge the consumer a different amount than you as a Property Manager may receive

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Resolves an issue where if a property manager is not using inspections that it will prevent the status from going to inspection, rather will go directly to a clean state after the departure clean.

TRACK PM – New Feature – Within the Owner Preferences you can elect to show the Guest Full Name, Last Name, First Initial and Last Name, or None. This will also impact the Owner Statements. Your default or current settings will remain intact, however you can modify if needed

TRACK PM – Enhancement – The Unit selector when adding a work order from an owner profile, it will limit to units that they own or have owned

TRACK PM – New Feature – Folio Receipts will now include the company logo if configured within the company file. If there is not company logo, it will remain blank

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The proper Maximum and Minimum booking windows will appear per channel.

TRACK Pulse – New Feature – Directory Numbers can now have a pre-defined sort order on them. This will allow you you define by use and priority within the transfer drop down

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The issue with less than the desired number of rows returning within the list of work orders is now resolved.

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The user can now save the travel insurance page with the selection of none, this allows Property Managers to configure without offering travel insurance

TRACK PM – New Feature – The Cleaner Payout Report will include actual and budgeted amounts on the report Export and view in application

TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Daily Overview Report will now properly sort the date column as a date within the application

TRACK PM – New Feature – A new merge field within reservations will be allowed, this is Private Security Codes. Please be careful using this merge field, as it is intended for internal automations only.

TRACK PM – Enhancement – The Extra Persons merge field has been updated to exclude pets if your configuration is defined to use Pets as an extra Person Count

TRACK PM – New Feature – Owner Login Report. This will show you when the last time the owner logged into the owner portal, as well as the last time that a user logged into the owner portal on behalf of the owner.

TRACK PM – New Feature – Trigger and Automations allowing for a HK or Maintenance work order to be created automatically if the conditions are met. This will be in Beta for a few additional weeks as we make sure that all business cases are fully functional and we get client feedback. If you wish to participate, please send an email and we will connect with you on the process.