Secure Messaging Updates

Updates to Secure Messaging allows several attributes to be added to an inquiry to track where it is at in the process. Inquiries can now have users assigned, follow-up date scheduled, post internal notes, as well as mark an inquiry as complete or in-process. With these update, you will be able to handle inquiries with the same behavior as leads for AirBnB, VRBO, and HomeAway secure messaging portals that you currently do with leads.

1. Easily toggle to see what messages you want to see by using the “My Messages”, “Follow-up Today”, and “Open” buttons

2. See what messages are set for follow-up and when, as well as which user within the list of messages

3. Set which user you want to manage this message within the inquiry. This is optional.

4. Set a follow-up date quickly using the “Easy” buttons, or pick the exact date using the date picker. This is optional.

5. Mark a message as complete when there is no further follow-up needed.

6. Post internal notes as reminders of alternate units you may suggest or other related items.

All of these improvements allow TRACK users to have a unified experience between leads and inquiries while adapting to the OTA’s secure messaging portals. With TRACK Secure Messaging you can manage multiple inquiries from a singular traveler while holding page rank utilizing the Auto Replies and AI built in.

Email Processing Updates

Updates to TRACK’s Inbound Messages section now allows quicker processing while solving other business cases brought to the product and the changing industry.

Attach new emails to existing leads if they send in emails from email addresses that were not associated to the contact.

TRACK has also launched the easy process, which when converting new inbound emails into leads will process all unprocessed emails related to that contact into one lead automatically. This will simplify the agents ability to process multiple messages in quick order.

Caller ID and Call Matching

A bug has been fixed when adding a Third Party for the warm transfer process that will allow the agent to see both the original callers, caller ID, as well as the additional person or party that they have added to the call while viewing the participants within the “Call Control” Panel.

An enhancement during outbound calling has been released that will now match an outbound call to the contact that you are viewing and clicking “Call” or “Call Customer” on. This includes the addition to un-saved numbers as well as Work Phone numbers, which historically would not match during outbound calls.

Property Management

HomeAway 4.0 Bug Fix

Fixed bug related to ‘Reservation Mode’ field to look at correct selection.