Release Notes | June 3rd, 2020



  • Payment Schedule Editing: The reservation guarantee payment schedule will now be editable for past dates. For a past date to be able to be edited, the payment date must not have an associated payment made through automation. The goal of this enhancement is to allow rescheduling of missed payment dates while maintaining the total amount reflected due in the guarantee. 
  • Derived Rate Types Flag Removed: Derived rate types are now visible to all clients.
    What Are Derivative Rate Types:
    • Derivative rate types are rates and LOS that are generated based on calculations from a parent rate type. 
    • The derived rates will update based on the parent rate type changes. 
    • The derived rates are their own rate and not a rate adjustment layered upon the parent rate type. Because of this important distinction daily pricing and los modifications can be made without having to take into account an adjustment layer. 

What Are The Benefits:

    • This is significant in distribution platforms that the derived rate becomes a real rate. Most other software use rate adjustments to reflect rates like this, so the unit being distributed actually has the original rate and then an adjustment as a separate entity in the feed. This is not always recognized in the platforms or leads to rate display inconsistencies between pages on the platforms.
    • Derived rate types can have nightly overrides as like other rate types. Because the derived rate is an actual rate for the rate type and not a continually calculated adjustment the override will not be subjected to further adjustment calculations.
    • Nights not overridden will continue to update in relation to the parent rate type.
    • This rate type can configurable to apply only to specific channels.

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