New Triggers & Automations

TRACK is excited to announce our new Triggers and Automations system. This will allow you to send emails automatically based on an event happening (Trigger) or at certain time intervals (Automation).

We currently support Triggers & Automations within the following core system areas:

Reservations (TRACK PM clients only)
Housekeeping Work Orders (TRACK PM clients only)
Maint. Work Orders (TRACK PM clients only)


Triggers are business rules you define to run immediately after an event occurs within an object. For example, a trigger can be created within Sales (object) that when a sale is created (event) that you send the guest a Confirmation Email.

Another example, a trigger can be created within Housekeeping (object) to notify the housekeeper when a housekeeping work order is ready to be worked on. Another trigger could be created to then notify the inspector when the housekeeping work order has been completed by the housekeeper.


Automations are similar to triggers because both define conditions and actions that modify object properties (Contacts, Leads, Sales, Reservations, Housekeeping and Maintenance Work Orders) and send email notifications. Where they differ is that automations execute when a time event occurs after an object property was set or updated, rather than immediately after an object is created or updated.

To access:

  • Click the Configuration icon () in the header, then go under Company Setup tab > Automations.

Other Updates

  • Fixed Abandon Percent on Avg. Speed to Answer Chat reports.

Property Management

New Unit Occupancy Report

The Unit Occupancy report shows a Unit by Unit breakdown of Occupancy.  It shows units with arrivals, departures, stay overs, back to back bookings, and empty dates.

Location: Reports > PMS Report tab > Guest section > Unit Occupancy

Other Updates

  • New Reservation & Online Booking Engine: Fixed discrepancy when computing the deposit breakpoint days.
  • New Reservation and Tape Chart: Fixed ‘Channel’ filter to not show units that no longer are active for that channel.
  • Check-In and Checkout reports: Fixed issue with balance amount when a reservation was in checked-in or checked-out status.
  • Reservation Log report: Added User filter.
  • Mass Check-in and Mass Checkout: Fixed issue where units that inherited the ‘Quick Check-in’ or ‘Quick Checkout’ from the Unit Profile were not appearing in list to get checked-in or out.
  • Fee Setup: Update made to validate HomeAway Product Code only if the fee is required.
  • Point Central: Updated system to prevent inactive units from getting access codes generated.