New Custom Fields: Sales Link

Similarly to custom fields that TRACK has had in the past in relation to contacts and leads, and integration into sales is now complete. You have the ability to put unlimited custom fields on your Sales / Reservations within the CRM. These can be integrated into Merge Fields, Automations, and Triggers. The is utilizing a completely new EAV model that runs more efficiently and allows you more end-user flexibility.

Process Voicemails to Existing Leads

Users listening to a voicemail now have the option to process that email and attach to an existing lead.

Add Exception Status to Auto Lead Close Rules

You can now prevent a Sales Link that is setup to synchronize with your leads from closing the lead if there is additional work needed. This will most commonly be used when you put a reservation on-hold or temp reservation in that you do not want to close the lead for.

Personal Queue Routing Update

Personal queues have completed a routing update to now route with the same logic as group queues. As part of the update the queue weights have been set to continue same behavior as it was prior.

Domain and Email Verification

Send emails from your email, verify your entire domain and enable DKIM allows full signing from your domain. To setup go to Configuration > Company Setup > Domain/Email Manager.

Automated Push Rollup Report

We’ve automated the Push Rollup Report to send out an email daily. If you would like to receive this report via email please notify support with your first name, last name, and email address to reportsubscribe@trackhs.com.

Other Updates

  • Fixed an issue that was not allowing users to close win or close lose a lead without entering in an arrival date when lead preference ‘
  • Updated Abandonment Details report to only show callers that have had an Abandon associated with that number. We updated both reports to show a formatted date field and moved the linkable column on the Summary version to the Unique Abandoned field.
  • Fixed Trigger related to creating a new lead through the Agent Dashboard. The Trigger was not firing an email in this case.
  • Updated Email Bounce report to include sortable columns.
  • Routing efficiency updates allows calls to select agents and route quicker.

Property Management

New Owner Report

  • The new Owner Ledger report shows transactions and running balance for each owner for a selected time period.
  • The new Owner Trial Balance report shows Starting Balance, Ending Balance, the sum of all debits and credits, along with the net change for an Owner within the selected date range.

Other Updates

  • Maint. Work Orders created from the Folio will automatically get today’s date as a scheduled date. After date is set a user can change scheduled date as needed.
  • View Maint. Work Orders page: Added ‘Assigned To’ filter to page to quickly filter assigned to user to a maint. work order. This filter is already available on the HK Work Orders page.
  • Added Location and Unit Role filters to existing Advance Deposits Report so you can filter by your locations and unit roles you’ve setup in your system.
  • Guest Portal: Allow guests to send tickets within the guest portal when their reservation is in ‘Confirmed’ status and not just in ‘Checked-in’ status.
  • Updates to Payment Analysis, Payment Analysis Summary, and Credit Card Analysis Reports. All 3 of these reports now include payments, refunds, and voids.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing email invites to additional guest from inside Guest Portal to not get sent.
  • Updated the Reservation Discounts and Promos Report to include additional column for Guest Name that links over to their Contact Profile. Also, Customer ID and Guest Name has been added to the excel download.
  • Updated the Vendor Invoice Analysis report to show each vendor all at once with the ability to filter down to an individual vendor. We added User who entered as a column as well as a filter to include or exclude Voided Invoices.
  • Added Reservation Commission % column to the Folio Analysis report.
  • Remaining Balance merge field with better calculation from Folio balance once the reservation is checked-in or out.
  • Fixed issue with Work Order Task Description to allow special characters in the task description(s).