Release Notes | July 31st, 2019



New Feature:

  • We have added the ability to unlock an Airbnb reservation from the channel. When Airbnb reservations are made they have limited editing abilities within TRACK because the reservation is linked to the reservation within the channel platform. Editing of these reservations requires communications between TRACK and the platform; which does not always meet operational needs. This new feature allows the reservation to no longer update the channel or receive updates from the channel. This allows the property manager to alter a reservation easily while the guest is in house.
    It is important to note however: 

    • Once unlocked the reservation cannot be reconnected to the platform.

    • If additional money is to be collected the additional amount will have to be collected by the property direct from the guest.

    • If the guest makes a change on the channel it will not reflect on the reservation in TRACK.

    • Super users will be able to unlock reservations by default. To add additional users to be able to unlock go to configuration > company setup > roles. Choose the role to modify, scroll to the Reservations section and enable Unlock Reservations option for that user role.

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  • We are nearing finalization of integration with Trip Advisor/Flipkey. In preparation for this we have released the mapping portion of configurations. Trip Advisor/Flipkey has standardized lodging types and amenities. To identify to Trip Advisor/Flipkey which  property manager’s amenities and property types match to Trip Advisor/Flipkey’s they must be mapped. First enable the Flipkey channel. Then on each lodging type and amenity select a Trip Advisor/Flipkey designation. This can be done ahead of the release of the Trip Advisor/Flipkey integration for quicker activation after release.

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