Release Notes | July, 30th 2019



New Enhancement:

    • We have added a safeguard when deactivating a unit warning the user of future reservations. When a unit is coming off program it is important to move the reservations to a new unit. Once a unit is set to inactive it loses visibility within the PMS system in key areas, such as the tape chart, making it critical to be aware of future reservations before setting the unit to inactive. The new feature will trigger a pop up warning if future reservations exist when trying to set a unit to inactive.
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New Feature:

  • We have added the ability to attach a file or document to an owner or company profile. The file can be made public or private. If private it is only viewable within the PMS. If public the file will also be viewable by the owner in the owner portal. The feature will make it possible to maintain documents in a centralized location, simplify document organization, and increase accessibility across departments. The public feature will allow sharing of files with owners that are informational or promotional, such as newsletters or referral forms.
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New Enhancement:

    • We have expanded the survey instance email merge fields. When sending a survey through triggers or automations, an email can be created. We have added all sales, brand and contact merge fields to enhance the personalization and branding of the email.
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  • We have added the ability to use html in a CRM email template. As a follow up enhancement to our last release where we added the ability to send an email directly from a sale, we have now added the ability to create template used by that function in html. Email templates can also be used in triggers and automations.
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