Release Notes | July 24th 2019




  • Added a field to unit profiles for tax id. The API output to channels requiring a tax id for each unit can now be managed from TRACK PMS.

  • Added a column to Reservations Charges By Unit report that reflects the quantity of the fee added to the reservation. The benefit of adding this column to the report is a property manager can pull a list of items or services that were purchased, by reservation, to ensure enough are in stock and are delivered and/or fulfilled at the appropriate time.

  • Updated the Fee Details report for better clarity. The first column has been renamed to Item. The second column will now reflect the display name to provide specifics on the Item in the report.

  • Added the ability to make a fee inactive. As fees are no longer applicable to a business and are no longer intended to be used, the fee can be changed to inactive. This will remove the fee from being able to be selected when creating or editing a reservation. Also added was a toggle for active only/all when viewing the index of all fees. This will allow the user to be able to only view active fees or view all fees including inactive ones.

New Feature:

  • Added the ability to attach files to vendor invoices.

    • Functionality:
      when editing or creating a vendor invoice there is a new header, Attachments. Under this header TRACK users will have the ability to add a file(s) as an attachment. Once added a TRACK user can view, update or delete the attachment.

    • Benefits:
      Connectivity – In the hospitality industry physical distance between departments is a reality and challenge for many companies. This is especially true when physical paperwork is involved. Allowing for attachments eliminates the distance factor by connecting necessary accounting paperwork through the digital space.
      Accountability – In any organization accountability in billing and spending is a must. Adding the ability to attach documents enhances the company’s ability not not only collect the verifying paperwork efficiently but also retain that paperwork.
      Centralization – Many companies already digitize their accounting paperwork and use ad hoc systems to manage the sharing of them. Allowing TRACK to continue to grow as their centralized point of reference both simplifies their system and increases TRACK’s value to the organization.


New Feature:

  • Email templates from the CRM configuration can now be selected, edited and sent directly from the sale view page. This will provide TRACK CRM users the ability to send reservation or other sale related emails and documents on demand directly from a sale.

TRACK System


  • Added a new condition to the automation of sending a survey instance. The new condition: (is or is not) (New, Complete, Sent). This enhancement will allow the flexibility to send follow-up surveys based on survey statuses. Example: An automation can be created for a survey instance to be sent 7 days after being created IF the survey is not complete. This will allow a property manager to automatically follow up with guests that have not completed a survey with a second opportunity to complete it.

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