Bug Fix – TRACK CRM – Surveys will now properly be created, issue where contact not present was preventing the creation.
Bug Fix – TRACK CRM – Text Messages in automations with no text present now properly bypassing and no longer breaking automations.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Issue with removing Units/Nodes/Types from promo codes is now resolved
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Custom Content Sort on the list of content types is now resolved.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Issue with CSA Travel Insurance Policies on reservation updates (policy updates) now resolved.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Timezones issue where there are multiple timezones in an account is now resolved to support door codes.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Resolves an issue where transactions are no longer present on a day, fixing the End of Day balance table and script.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Resolves an issue with Check In and Check Out times within the Guest Portal.
User Experience Enhancement – TRACK PM – Added better error messaging if Card, or payment method is not supported or fails.
Product Enhancement – TRACK CRM – Implemented entity change tracking on CRM Sales which will now update sales if there is a changed value. This resolves improperly sending multiple confirmations (reconfirmations) when getting sales data from external sales links.