View Calls / Pick-up Chats While In Disposition

  • Agents can now view calls and chats while in disposition by clicking on the Call or Chat tabs (see screenshot below). With this new change you will be able to see if there are any calls waiting in queue (even while you are on the phone) or pick-up additional chats waiting in queue. If you are on ‘manual’ pickup of a call or chat you can go and answer these calls or chats anytime (up to your max amount – 1 call and 4 chats — depending on your settings). **Note: New tabs will only show if you have both Chats and Calls enabled.



  1. Updated the Hourly Call Volume report to optimize speed and performance.

Property Management System

Charge Owners from Housekeeping Work Orders

  • You can now charge owners directly on Housekeeping Work Orders. You can setup the system to automatically charge owners after a unit block or any housekeeping work orders that are added manually.

 Guest Portal Updates

  1. Added “Checkin Details” to Guest Portal.
  2. Update “Rental Address” tab name to “Address/Map”
  3. Made sure Address/Map tab uses Address if coordinates are not set.
  4. Added “Get Directions” section to Local Office tab.
  5. Updated background of tabs to be lighter and have more contrast.
  6. “Export Unit Lists” report need to be updated.
  7. Added option in Customer Content to inject the merge fields into content.
  8. Added logic to use merge fields when guest portal content is viewed.
  9. Fixed buttons on custom content index page to be smaller and consistent with rest of system.
  10. Added Sort Order to Security Codes.
  11. Added Sort Order to Custom Attributes.


  1. Fixed Kaba Lock issue. We found an issue that was related to passing a time period of 0 days to Kaba in some cases when generating same day codes, we’ve updated the logic to always pass a minimum of 1 day as the default so this error will no longer occur.
  2. Added Print PDF to Cleaning Detail Report in the Housekeeping Portal.
  3. Added Completed User and Date to Work Orders Report and export.
  4. Fixed issue in Agent Scoring and Agent Coaching where the page was not loading when there was deleted recordings.
  5. Added “Checkin Details” field to Unit Profile.
  6. Added new merge field for new ‘Checkin Details’ within Reservation Documents.
  7. Made sure Local Office uses “Address” if coordinates are not set.
  8. Added Units Column and Filter to the Travel Agent Commission Report.
  9. Changed Button on IRM Checkout Page when in Reservation Request Mode to read ‘Request Reservation’ instead of ‘Make Reservation’.
  10. Fixed Total Reservations and Total Nights on Unit Revenue Management Report.
  11. Fixed issue where users could not updated Scheduled Date on Inspection type housekeeping work orders.
  12. Fixed an issue with the Owner Transaction Report.
  13. Added new Long Term Revenue Analysis Report.
  14. Fixed issue with starting and completing a housekeeping work order via the phone.
  15. Updated the Housekeeping Checkouts report to use latest HK work order.
  16. Owner Year End: Limited record count of statements to 12.