Release Notes | February 26th, 2020


New Feature:

  • Pace Report: Track has now added a reservations pace report. The pace report is a YOY comparative report to analyze the pace of reservations being made by a specified date for different stay dates. Pace is to determine if your company is getting the appropriate amounts of reservations in advance of a stay date, the information is analyzed by a particular date this year vs by that particular date last year.


  • Travel Insurance Resend & Report: If using Rental Guardian or CSA and using XML reporting, when the policy request is sent to the insurance provider there could be scenarios where there is an error. An example would be insufficient information on the contact required by the policy provider, such as missing address. We have created a new report to locate any failed policy requests and a re-submit button within the reservation travel insurance section to re-submit the request after the missing information is corrected.
  • Survey Templates In Automations: When sending surveys to guests there is now the option to utilize CRM templates through email. This will allow for branding and “from address” customization opportunities. 
  • Reservation Merge Fields: Last week PMS Custom Fields were released. A secondary phase was to release reservation merge fields related to custom fields. PMS Custom Field merge fields can now be added to reservation documents and CRM templates with the object of a reservation. 

TRACK System


  • Sales Change Detection: New configuration has been added to Company Setup > Business Rules. Automation triggers can be enabled based on the object of a Sale and event Sale Updated. Currently any standard sale field or custom sale field that is updated on a sale will trigger the automation. The new configuration will allow fields to be disabled from triggering automation. This configuration will allow TRACK customers to automatically resend sale documents upon update of critical guest information without sending unnecessary confirmation from clerical updates.

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