Release Notes | February 20th, 2020


New Feature:

  • Payments API: Development of an API for posting payments. 
  • PMS Custom Fields: PMS custom fields are structured data fields that can be used in relation to units, unit types, and nodes. They are customizable to capture the data that you may want to associate to one of those PMS entities. They can be used to categorize, filter, communicate, and automate through filters, automation conditions and merge fields. Upon release, existing clients will have custom fields in addition to custom data to allow for the custom fields to be built. Custom data will remain the prevailing data for a unit until requested by the client to remove the feature flag. While the feature flag is in place the custom fields will be available as merge fields and automation conditions.
    NOTE: Reservation conditions and merge fields will be released separately in a near future release.

  • Vendor Bills Due Report: There is a new accounting report titled vendor bills due. This report can be used to identify bills that are unpaid, partially paid, and paid but payment not cleared.




  • Weekly Survey Report: Developed a system sent weekly report sharing customer survey results with PM leadership. The weekly survey report will be instrumental for management tracking of guest satisfaction. 
  • Additional Visual One Fields: Additional fields for the Visual One software users have been added for import. 

For updates and information about software bugs please visit our support center here

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