Release Notes | February 14th, 2020


New Feature:

  • Unit Room Configurations:
    Rooms are located within unit profiles or unit type profiles. They are a way to more clearly define the living space of a rental property. Within the spaces; bedding, occupancy, and other elements can be defined and shared with channels and displayed within the application.

    The original bedding was specified on a unit or unit type as a whole without a definition (outside of the description) of what room contains what bedding. This used to be located on the general tab. It has now been migrated to the rooms tab.

    Rooms can be set on a unit or unit type. The last tab on the right is labeled rooms. Once the dropdown is changed to YES for Rooms Configuration existing rooms will display and the +Room button will become available to build the rooms.

    Rooms can be added by selecting +Room. At any time if a user needs to navigate away from the page prior to adding all rooms, the user can select NO as the room configuration and save. Or if they had not saved yet while building rooms they can select cancel. All rooms that have been created will save to the unit or unit type WITHOUT clicking the save button at the bottom of the page. When all rooms have been added, change the Rooms configuration to YES and save the unit.

    Bedding type configuration already existed within PMS configurations. With the addition of rooms and sending the bedding within rooms to channels, additional configuration steps will need to be taken.

    Future integration enhancements will allow rooms to be used with Homeaway and Trip Advisor. Currently rooms will be displayed on Airbnb. Airbnb only displays Bedrooms and one Common Space that includes bedding at this time. Any non-bedroom type with bedding included will be considered a Common Space by Airbnb. For example if you have an Airbnb Type Living Room and an Airbnb Type Common Area both with bedding they will both be considered common areas by Airbnb for display purposes. The last updated non-bedroom room type (common area) with bedding will be the bedding that is reflected as the Common Area of airbnb. The rest of the Airbnb mapping, such as kitchen or living room, do get sent over through the Airbnb API. They most likely have a future purpose for Airbnb as they do receive that information. Toggling room configuration Yes and No will include or exclude rooms from the airbnb feed. Rooms can be enabled or disabled form the listing at any time and as many times as needed. The names of the bedrooms on airbnb will be Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, etc. This cannot be changed.





    • Contact Profile SMS:
      To assist in guest communication efficiency, we have added a tab in the contact profile for SMS messages. You can now visit any guest contact profile and view the inbound and outbound text messages between you and your guest. You can also initiate a new guest SMS message from the contact profile.



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