Export Goal Performance Dashboard

Added the ability to export to the Goal Performance Dashboard.

To export go to Reports > Pulse Reports > Basic Reports section > Goal Performance Report > Run report and then click the ‘Export as Excel button’.

Other Report Updates

  • Updated filters on Conversation Volume to work correctly with chat enabled.
  • Updated Agent Conversation Productivity report to be limited to run for up to 90 days.
  • Added Outbound Calls column to Abandonment Details report

Property Management

Homeaway Listing 4.0

TRACK PM is proud to announce our latest update with HomeAway version 4.0. We have upgraded from 3.4  to Version 4.0, which now provides additional tools to the property manager to:

  • Increase conversions
  • Improve ranking in the search results on HomeAway
  • Better the guest’s experience.

Homeaway’s Listing 4.0 is the standard format created by HomeAway for receiving listings from Property Managers and Property Management Software Companies.

Benefits of 4.0:

  • Lodging Rates for price display optimizations
  • Push Services for incremental rates & availability changes

Lodging Configuration and Lodging Rates
4.0 introduces Lodging Configuration and Lodging Rates. The new integration framework is the
groundwork required for future updates to the booking process as we strive for 100% price fidelity
throughout the traveler’s booking experience.

The new feeds are designed to:

  • Help solve the price display differences travelers see between search results and quoting by
    using nightly rates and including fees & taxes
  • Offer flexible options for our mutual customers to clearly describe their inventory and the requirements to reserve it, and

Lodging Rates Update

  • A new Lodging Rates Update Service ensures travelers have the most up-to-date information by allowing us to send updates to Homeaway between scheduled synchronizations.

Unit Availability Update

  • Additionally, the new Unit Availability Update Service enables real-time updates for availability to
    increase quote and booking success.

Feature Values

  • 4.0 has added several new property types including Resort and Bed & Breakfast to help refine the unit descriptions.

New Trial Balance Report

This report shows Starting Balance, Debits & Credits, Ending Balance, and the Net Change for each Account for a specified date range.

Location: Reports > PMS Reports > Accounting > Trial Balance.