Phone Routing – Queue Priority

Leverage TRACK Pulse to prioritize which calls you may want to take out of order. If you would like to answer New Reservation calls faster, simply increase the priority of that queue.

With TRACK Pulses’ fully flexible routing solutions, prioritize max wait queue’s higher than a caller just entering a queue or if you know it is an owner, make sure they have been answered ahead of your guests.

To change your queue priorities, go to Configuration > Pulse Setup > Queue > Click Edit > Advanced Tab.

Call Plan Searching

Quickly Search your Call Plans in the configuration by searching the name.

To try this out, go to Configuration > Pulse Setup > Call Plans

Auto & Manual Pick-up

TRACK has advanced the technology of Auto Routing and Manual Routing by allowing you to set an agent to a hybrid of Auto Routing and Manual Routing. You can now set an agent to Manual Routing on Calls or Chats Agent preference and override specifically desired queues to Auto Routing.

To have an agent Auto Routing on some queues and Manual Routing on other queues, you will need to have the agent set to Manual Routing on the overall preference.

Utilize this functionality to have agents have primary and secondary queues. They can be on Auto Routing on their primary focus while being on manual routing to backup other agents in other queues.

To make this update, go to Configuration > Pulse Setup > Agents > Click Edit

Contact Exceptions

TRACK Pulse had the ability to block phone numbers and create “no-data” dip phone numbers. TRACK Pulse has expanded the concepts into Contact Exceptions. Merging No Data Dip, Blocked Phone Numbers into Contact Exceptions and adding email to the function.

Add generic email addresses, internal emails, and third-party referral emails to contact exceptions to prevent emails from attaching to the incorrect contact.

Additionally, block unwanted email addresses and phone calls by blocking them using contact exceptions.

All previous No Data Dip and Blocked Numbers have been updated and migrated.

To add new blocked, or no-data exceptions, go to Configuration > CRM Setup > Contact Exceptions.

Inbound Email – Read / Unread

TRACK has released a bug fix that was causing emails to improperly by stuck in the Unread emails section when a contact was deleted associated with an email.

The error has been fixed and all data has been cleaned up for you.

Secure Messaging

Inquiry Forwarding

An enhancement to prevent circular looping on inquiries to third parties and forwarding.

Property Management

Annual Statement Fix

The Owners Profile has been updated to allow users to see annual statements along with monthly statements under the ‘Statements’ tab.

Tape Chart Filter Fix

Fixed filter issue due to multiple sections of Location and Unit Role.