Product Enhancement – TRACK CRM – Added the functionality for Click-to-Call tag for the tracking script.
Product Enhancement – TRACK PM – Allow max booking period of any for AirBnB, Capped at 2 years per AirBnB API.
Product Enhancement – TRACK PM – Move AirBnB updates to Message Queue due to AirBnB rate limiting.
Product Enhancement – TRACK PM – Move Rate Updates to Hourly sync with AirBnB due to rate limiting on AirBnB.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Sorting on the Reservation screen in the Owner Portal.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Better error messaging when no availability for online (website).
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Agreement Status issues with migration resolved.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Minimum Night Overrides no longer allowed to be set to zero. This was poor architecture, and resolves an issue on removing the update if you set it.
Bug Fix – TRACK PM – Custom Data now being displayed properly (correct types) in the Maintenance and Housekeeping Portal.
Bug Fix – TRACK Pulse – Updated an outdated plugin causing phone numbers to register falsely as not real numbers.
Error Logging Update – TRACK PM – Addresses the error logging for AirBnB image removal.