We have a few significant features to announce. These will be accompanied by larger blog posts in the next several weeks.

  • Our real-time, new direct connection to Airbnb has you covered and is now available for preview. We will be connecting with customers we’ve identified as our first launch partners. This will be available for all customers in the next several weeks. Choose from two different real-time connections: a full sync (syncs content, rates and availability), or a limited sync (rates and availability) that lets you manage your listings on Airbnb. Your Airbnb reservations will come right into TRACK. Already on Airbnb? Map your existing listings to maintain your rankings and host status.
  • Authorize.net is available as a gateway and we have new partnerships with Lynbrook Group and Ascent Processing.

We have also been busy improving the rest of the platform. The following is a selected list of the updates from the past couple of weeks:

  • We have added support for additional classes and cross domain linking with our campaign tracking code.
  • Added Authorize.net gateway support as well as support for multiple gateways based on card type.
  • Added support for length of stay variance in commission values.
  • Allow door locks to be assigned to multiple units to support lock off scenarios.
  • Improved performance of the guest portal.
  • Added reservation type filter to additional reports.
  • Added User Login report.
  • Improved rate override management.
  • Fixed access issues with texting when disabled for a user.
  • Addressed issue with lodging type filter on tape chart.
  • Credit Card Deposits now supports date ranges.