Release Notes | August 19th, 2019




  • Quantity and Batch Notes fields were re-added to the ACH Batch index page.

  • When creating a reservation the quote details line item “Total With Insurance” will only display when insurance is selected. The cost of insurance is still visible without selecting insurance. Displaying a total with insurance at all times was causing some confusion if insurance was added or not yet.

  • Filtered inactive reservation documents from the drop down selection within the reservation screen. Only having active reservation documents available in the drop down will allow faster reservation processing.


    • An enhancement to the owner’s portal was made so owners can directly edit or cancel reservations they have made through the portal. Owners will be able to change dates, cancel or change units (if more than one unit is owned). The reservation can only be modified if the reservation was originally made through the owner portal.
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  • The recently added unit field “House Rules” was added as a merge field in reservation documents.

  • The channel unit report now has a column that will display the Airbnb listing id. This id is time consuming to locate on the channel and is needed when communicating about a unit to Airbnb.

  • When using manual sending on E-Sign templates, the signature block for guest will automatically have guest signing blocks tagged as guest

  • Added an AirBnB Error Log report. It can be found under PMS Reports under the category “System”. This report can be user internally to help determine why a listing may not be published, or externally by a user if they are troubleshooting a new or existing unit getting published to AirBnB

  • An enhancement to the the tags function of Track has been added: Reservation Tags. Reservation tags can be added to reservations to identify to guest services or reservations important notes about the reservation. They can also be used for quickly locating reservations that are tagged with the same attribute in the index view. All tags have been enhanced by allowing colors to be added to the tags.
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Bug Fix:

  • Corrected an issue where the discounted rent merge field was not including in-rent fees in the total. This was causing a mismatch in reservation costs on some reservation documents including the merge field alongside other rent and total related merge fields.

  • Corrected an issue that if an airbnb modification came in and changed dates, the HK work order turns will not update as expected. This fix adds functionality so the updateTurns logic works properly.

  • Corrected an issue where the owners statement was generating an error indicating not a $0.00 balance.


New Feature

  • A new feature being introduced to Track CRM is Tasks. Tasks are a quick create to-do for users within the track system. They can be set in priority, due date, related unit and be assigned to a user. With in the CRM tab there is a task module that includes priority tabs, sorting, searching, and task management.
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Bug Fix:

  • Corrected page help on Global Rank for reservation agents.

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