TRACK PM – Enhancement – Housekeeping Tasks and Task Lists are now supported in the Mobile Portal and full application
TRACK PM – New Feature – Maintenance Tasks Task Lists are supported for both the mobile portal and full application.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Accounting Deposit issue with credit memos being added to the amount, not subtracted has been resolved. This resolved the bank reconciliation issues as well.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Triggers and Automations not firing to additional recipients including free form emails and phone numbers (texting), as well as unit roles has now been resolved.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Issue where no folio was being created when the Owner Preference to accept confirmed Owner and Owner guest reservations is now resolved
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Booking Engine Final screen now properly displays the unit description, but has expandable read more functionality.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – On Medium sized screens, the Reservations List view will now cascade correctly to not put a filter off the edge of the page
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – On Sync’d AirBnB rules, the minimum length of stay will now discard previous PM system rules and implement only TRACK LOS rules
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Blocked Units Housekeeping List view now allows proper sorting on all columns.