Release Notes | April 29th, 2020


  • Task Reports: There are two new reports in CRM reports: Tasks by User Details Report & Tasks by User Summary Report.
    The tasks by user details report will provide a manager the ability to filter and report on the tasks that are open per employee and see the details, including the description of the task, within the report results. This report will primarily be used for task review and/or exporting tasks.
    The task by user summary report allows a quick view of the qty of open task of each priority level per user. It can also be used to view a time frame and view the ratio of open to closed tasks within that period. This report will primarily be used for gauging performance. 
  • Social Media in Guest Portal: Within the guest portal some property managers may have different social media accounts based on region, brand, or homes. In these cases they may not use the existing social media section which does not include segmentation and would rather build custom content to feature social media. This area has been set to hide if none of the social media platforms are checked enabled.

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