Release Notes | April 27th, 2020


New Feature:

  • Master Folios: Beta – Behind Feature Flag, please contact support for more information about enabling for your account. 
    Master folios are a way to group and pay for a collection of individual guest folios. The folios assigned to a master folio can be assigned through the master folio itself or through the individual folio. Individual folios can have no charges transferred to a master folio, some charges or all charges. Charges can be moved to the master folio through automation, called routing rules, that run based on the action of checkout or can be transferred manually. Each folio that is part of the master folio can have it’s own routing rules applied. Routing rules are configured to be available company wide to all master folios and then selected to be used on a particular master folio. The routing rules can transfer all charges, a percentage of overall charges, rent only, a percentage of rent, a number of nights, required fees, percentage of all fees, etc. When routing rules are applied to a master folio additional conditions can be applied such as calendar dates of the nights that can be included, LOS requirements or limitations, and dollar amount caps.



  • Transfers: Transfers have been enhanced to include balance transfers as well as payment transfers. Previously only folios with a negative balance could have the excess funds transferred to another folio/reservation. With this enhancement, folios with positive balances (a balance in which a guest owes money) can transfer those balances to another folio/reservation.


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