TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The Warning message about Maintenance Work Orders that is displayed on CRM Companies will no longer have a pop-up being generated by an incorrect query
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – The Default Quantity on Suggested Fees in the IRM will now default to the default quantity set on the fee itself within the configuration of TRACK
TRACK PM – New Report – Stock Items pricing report will be primarily used for two uses. You can forecast and review expenses based upon your stop item price history set on you housekeeping stock items. You can also use the report as a user, vendor, or company to determine how many housekeeping items that a particular user, vendor, or entire company will need for a particular, day or date range. Primary use will be for in-house cleaning crews, and vendors / users that do not pack individual properties before starting cleaning.
TRACK PM – New Features – Work Order Print – Track now supports multilingual printing (English and Spanish), it will also include door codes, custom data, and task lists