TRACK PM – Update – Update to the Reservation Payment Due Report upon client feedback
TRACK PM – Update – Update to the the Guarantee Policy Report upon client feedback
TRACK PM – Update – Update to the Owner Statement Analysis report using the node filter to be a single select due to conflicting data using multi-select
TRACK PM – Update – Now includes Unit Roles on the Export of the Housekeeping Checkout Report
TRACK PM – Update – Productivity Report has been updated to allow all reservation types, and a filter where limiting the data by reservation type is now supported
TRACK PM – Update – Added Agreement Status and filter to the Reservation Status Report
TRACK PM – Update – Updates to the Reservation Charges report based upon client feedback
TRACK PM – Update – Update to the Occupancy Report based upon client feedback to use the Unit Name
TRACK PM – Update – Check In, Check Out, and Reservation Analysis report now properly sorting date values in the table
TRACK PM – Update – Rate assessment report will now use the calendar group assigned, not off of the rate
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Updating the Occupancy report to resolve an issue where the units that were blocked were not being excluded from the occupancy available column.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Resolved an issue where payments set to be posted on the last day of the month not running in February. Note: Recurring charges can only be posted on days 1-28 within TRACK moving forward.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – E-Sign updates when using the non-autosend functionality preventing status updates
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Homeaway connection update that will calculate the Minimum Night Default using the default range for a unit’s availability
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Travel Insurance Cumulative update to handle policy cancellation and purchase dates better
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Fixing issue on an Owner Fee that was multiplying the fee amount when checking in a reservation. This has been fully resolved.
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Custom Data is now displaying on the Housekeeping Portal properly
TRACK PM – Bug Fix – Resolved sorting issues on tables for all Maintenance tables within the Property Management portal, and the Maintenance Portal (Work Orders, Folios, Owners, Maintenance Portal).
TRACK CRM – Bug Fix – Update to calculate the Rent, Tax, and Extras for Streamline customers
TRACK CRM – Bug Fix – Update to include Vendor contact filter types on the contact exporter
TRACK CRM – Enhancement – Update the character limit for SMS Texting from 400 to 1000 characters